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 Unidrive M400 AC induction variable speed drive, 0.25kW–132kW,100–690V
 Unidrive M400 is easy to set up, provides reliable performance and is built to last. The drive includes an integrated PLC for additional control plus onboard safety with dual Safe Torque Off. Unidrive M400 has extended I/O and connects to the primary communication protocols via plug-in option module.
Benefits & Features
• Fast and simple set up with easy to use keypad and clear step by step guide
• Easy setting of parameters with real text removable keypad
• Reliability achieved with conformal coated PCBs and ingress-resistant patented airflow system
• Accurate motor control easily achieved, with current loops as low as 125us
• Enhanced control with RFC-A mode to stabilize running speed under variable load
• Onboard safety with dual Safe Torque Off certified to SIL3/PLe
• Enhanced I/O includes 2 x analog output, 2 x digital input and 2 x bidirectional I/O
• Flexible connectivity to a range of communication protocols via option module and AI-485 Adaptor
• Enhanced control and reduced system cost with onboard PLC
• Rapid diagnostics with Diagnostics Tool app for mobile device

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