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           Versatile safety products for any environment
Skipper for external environments
Skipper is the key to a complete barrier system. As well as attaching to Skipper’s own cones and posts, you can attach the durable, 9m
worldwide. The versatile and adaptable unit is used across a wide range of industries, from construction to airports and shipping, to events, retail, facilities management and so many more. Skipper is the original, market leading solution, and the
choice of health and safety professionals across the world.
A4 sign holder
Attaches to the top of Skipper units and Skipper XS units. Easily display warnings, promotions and messages.
Product code: SIGN01
Post & base cap
Connects to the Skipper post or cone for when a barrier
is not required. Can connect directly to sign holder.
Product code: POST05
Skipper road cone
Revolutionary helix design
Productcode: CONE01
Skipper unit
Product code: SKIPPER01
Skipper post & base system
A versatile post designed for the Skipper range of products. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Fill base with water or sand for extra stability. Product code:
POST01 (post), POST02 (base)
Product Code: POST01
     Rechargeable safety light
LED safety light, attaches to Skip- per and Skipper XS units.
Product code: LIGHT01
Support brackets
Holds the Skipper unit in place and screws to walls. Magnetic version also available.
Product code:
W/SUPPORT01 (wall version), M/SUPPORT01 (magnetic version)
Receiver clips
Screws to walls to receive Skipper tape. Magnetic version available. Product code:
W/RECEIVER01 (wall version), M/SUPPORT01 (magnetic version)
Code: POST02
 Skipper for internal environments
The Skipper XS range of products were developed to adapt Skipper’s great versatility to indoor environments such as in warehousing, manufacturing and facilities management. Featuring the same 9m (30’) tape as the standard Skipper unit, The Skipper XS and its unique range of accessories allow for connection to any indoor surface, from high gloss and glass, to worktops, shelving, door frames and pillars, making anything possible.
        Clamp holder/receiver
Attaches to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Product code: CLAMP01
Cord strap clips
Wrap around pillars with bungee
cord. Product code:CORD01 (magnetic version), CORD02 (curved version)
Suction pad holder/receiver
glass surfaces.
Product code: PAD01
 Skipper for waste & safety management
 The waste management range, like all Skipper products,
is designed to be fully modular. The recycle bins, dispensers and
from a free standing station to direct attachment to walls, glass and posts. They’re ideally suited to a wide range of industries, from construction to facilities management, retail, warehousing and many more.
   Recycle bin
A fully modular recycle bin for use with Skipper products. Product code: BIN01
Sanitiser bracket
For hand sanitisers/ barrier creams. Holds standard bottles. Product code: SANO1
Safety dispenser
Container designed
for safety and PPE equipment. Product code: DISP01
   Clamp holder/receiver
Use in conjunction with Skipper suction pad (pad01) to attach bins and dispensers to glass. Product code: P/SUPPORT01
Post & base collar
Attaches to the Skipper post to allow for the connection
of bins/dispensers/ sanitiser bracket. Product code: POST04
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