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NF 1200 iPAD, automatic external defibrillator, also known as AED. The defibrillator is designed to be used by individuals without any first aid knowledge. NF 1200 iPAD has a clear verbal and visual instructions that guides the user through the use of any predefined language through the entire rescue operation. One of the most user-friendly defibrillators on the market.
• Simple and easy operation
• MetronomefunctionandCPRinstructions
• Cannot be incorrectly operated
• Dailyself-tests
• Doesnotrequireexpensiveinspectionsupervision
• Highest IP 54 rating which means that iPAD is protected against dust and water
• CE approved and highest FDA approval
• Stores 1 rescue attempt - 40 min. recording of the
entire rescue process as well as ECG data
• Software can be updated
• Can also be used for Children up to 25 kg. or below 8 years of age by
use of special paediatric pads to be purchased separately
• 5 Years Battery Life in Standby Mode
Battery life of 200 shocks of four hours life
• 5 years unit Warranty & 5 years Battery Warranty
  Defibrillator G5 AED
• Fully automatic operation - automatically delivers a shock, if needed
• Supplied with one set of adult electrode pads, battery and software + exclusive extras
• 7 year manufacturer’s warranty on the defibrillator unit
• 4 year battery standby life
• 5 year battery shelf life
• 2 year electrode pad life (from date of manufacture)
• Daily, weekly and monthly automatic self tests performed by the unit
• Energy levels are increased should the initial lower dose shock be unsuccessful
• Robust IP55 rated design for high resistance against dust and moisture
• Provides LED indication for visual assurance that the defibrillator is fully functional
• Battery status indicator shows the remaining battery capacity
• Non-polarised adult pads help to save time in an emergency
• Stores usage information that can be transferred to a computer for analysis: USB port
• Can be used on young patients with the infant/child pads (sold separately CM1205)
• Typical time taken for initial analysis and time to charge: 15 seconds
  First Aid Signs
• Your First Aider is Located at Safety Sign
• Self Adhesive Vinyl
• Sticks to most surfaces
• Can be wiped clean
• Packed in fives
• 200 x 300mm

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