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                                    IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors - IE2 - IE3 - IE4 - Non IE Efficiency
IP55 Aluminium frame
IP55 Aluminium Frame
General information
General Information Designation
 Housing with cooling fins
Aluminium alloy
- with integral or screw-on feet, or without feet - 4 or 6 fixing holes for housings with feet
- lifting rings for frame size ≥ 100
- earth terminal with an optional jumper screw
  Insulated low-carbon magnetic steel laminations
Electroplated copper
  - low carbon content guarantees long-term lamination pack stability - semi-enclosed slots
- class F insulation
 Insulated low-carbon magnetic steel laminations
 - inclined cage bars
- rotor cage pressure die-cast in aluminium (or alloy for special applications) - shrink-fitted to shaft
- rotor balanced dynamically, 1/2 key
-forframesize≤160MP-LR: • tapped hole
• closed keyway -forframesize≥160M-L:
• tapped hole • open keyway
 End shields
 Aluminium alloy
  - 56 - 63 - 71 front and rear -80-90NDEshield
 Cast iron
 - 80 - 90 DE shield (except for 6-pole version and optional for 80 and 90 NDE shield) - 100 to 315 DE shield and NDE shield
  Bearings and lubrication
- permanently greased bearings frame size 56 to 225 - regreasable bearings frame size 250 to 315
- bearings preloaded at non drive end
 Labyrinth seal Lipseals
  Plastic or steel Synthetic rubber
  - lipseal or deflector at drive end for all flange mounted motors - lipseal, deflector or labyrinth seal for foot mounted motors
Composite material or aluminium alloy
- 2 directions of rotation: straight blades
 Fan cover
  Composite material or pressed steel
  - fitted, on request, with a drip cover for operation in vertical position, shaft end facing down (steel cover)
 Terminal box
 Composite material or aluminium alloy
 - IP 55
- can be turned at 90°
- fitted with a terminal block with 6 steel terminals as standard (brass as an option) - terminal box fitted with threaded plugs, supplied without cable glands
(cable glands as an option)
- 1 earth terminal in each terminal box
- fixing system consisting of a cover with captive screws
    In the standard version the motors are wound 400v 50 Hz: - Power Ratings ≤ 5.5 kW: Y Connection
In the standard version. the motors are wound 400 V 50 Hz:
- Power Ratings ≥ 7.5 kW: D Connection
- power ratings ≤ 5.5 kW: Y connection - power ratings ≥ 7.5 kW: connection ∆
The regulation imposes: All 2-, 4- et 6-pole motors, from 0.75 to 375 kW, covered by the European directive ErP and marketed in the European Union must be IE3 direct on line or IE2 used with a speed drive.
IMfinity® 3-Phase Induction Motors IE2 - IE3 - Non IE Efficiency

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