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                                    Switch and fusegear - Quadbreak busbar chambers
Busbar chambers
Primarily designed for Quadbreak switch disconnector (fuse) the Quadbreak busbar chamber can be used for the mounting of any equipment.
n Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 60439-1
n 200, 400, 630 and 800 rated copper busbars
n Available in 750, 1200 and 1800mm lengths
n Rigid construction
n Copper link kits available for direct connection of Quadbreak switch disconnector (fuse) n Overall height and depth of units remains unchanged for the different current ratings
  Height = 450mm Depth = 215mm
200 SBC20007TN 400 SBC40007TN 630 SBC63007TN 800 SBC80007TN
SBC20012TN SBC20018TN SBC40012TN SBC40018TN SBC63012TN SBC63018TN SBC80012TN SBC80018TN
 Busbar chamber ratings
Rating (A)
Length 750mm Length 1200mm Reference number Reference numbe
Length 1800mm
r Reference number
       Busbar connection kits
Each kit comprises connections for three phases and neutral.
 Busbar interconnections
to link busbar Rating (A) chambers*
Reference number
Cable connection to connect
to busbars**
Reference numbe
 200 CEC200 400 CEC400 600 CEC630 800 CEC800
FTC200 FTC400 FTC600 FTC800
    * The busbar connection kits allow 2 or more busbar chambers to be electrically and mechanically joined together providing facilities for a greater number of outgoing circuits.
** The cable connection kits comprise 4 bolts, nuts and washers to connect a set of cables fitted with crimped lugs to the busbars.
Each kit comprises connections for three phases and neutral.
 Fuse switch connection kits
 Rating (A)
Top mounted Bottom mounted Reference number Reference numbe
 63/160A QBL160TN 200/250A QBL250TN 315/630A QBL630TTN 800A –
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