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                                     Switch and fusegear - Quadbreak
Fuse switch disconnector
Heavy duty fuse products for use in commercial and industrial environments, providing isolation and traditional fuse protection for electrical loads.
n Rated for 240/415V 50/60Hz
n Ratings 100A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 500A, 630A TP&N
n Utilisation category AC20A, AC21A, AC22A, AC23B at rated current, AC23A for ratings up to 160A n Handle position provides positive contact indication
n Door handle prevents door being opened when switch is ON or padlocked
n Handle padlockable in ON and OFF positions
n Device may be fed to either top or bottom terminals
n Fuse links or copper links supplied as standard
n All terminals are fully shrouded
n Quick make and break silver plated contacts
n Door interlock has defeat mechanism allowing switch to be closed with door open
n Removable plain gland plates are fitted at top and bottom
n Cabling space may be increased by the addition of the cable boxes
n Lift off door provides greater access for installation and cabling
n Door opens within the width of the unit allowing units to be mounted adjacent
n Neutral is fitted with disconnectable links
n Earthing kit provided as standard
n Easy access to fuse links
n Removable cross rails allow cables to be laid in easily
n Direct front access to terminals without dismantling the mechanism
n Clear shrouds allow easy access for inspection and visual indication of contact position n Steelwork finished in polyester epoxy powder
 Reference numbers
Rating Single pole & switched neutral
Three pole with neutral link
Switch Switch Recommended disconnector disconnector cable box
AC21/22/23 Switch disconnector
Switch disconnector
Spare links
63A SQB0632K SQB0632L 100A SQB1002K SQB1002L 160A SQB1602K SQB1602L 200A SQB2002K SQB2002L 250A SQB2502K SQB2502L 315A – –
400A – – 500A – – 630A – – 800A – –
Castell figure locks
SQB0633K SQB0633L SQB1003K SQB1003L SQB1603K SQB1603L SQB2003K – SQB2503K SQB2503L SQB3153K – SQB4003K SQB4003L SQB5003K SQB5003L SQB6303K SQB6303L – SQB8003L
– XCL250 – XCL400
XCL630 XCL800
Quadbreak can be factory fitted with Castell interlock type FS for locking in off position. To order:
1 Specify required unit e.g. SQB2503K
2 Add Castle figure lock order suffix EY
3 Add Castle key symbol e.g. A
Thus the order reference for a 250A switch disconnector fuse SQB2503KEYA.
fitted with a Castell lock symbol A is

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