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                                    Switch and fusegear - Twinbreak
Switch disconnector fuse
Heavy duty fuse products for use in commercial and industrial environments, providing isolation and traditional fuse protection for electrical loads.
n Rated for 240/415V 50/60Hz
n Ratings 20A, 32A, 63A, 100A, SP&SwN, TP&N
n Utilisation category AC20A, AC21A, AC22A, AC23B at rated current
n Degree of protection IP41
n Handle position provides positive contact indication
n Door handle prevents door being opened when switch is ON or padlocked
n Handle padlockable in ON and OFF positions
n Fuse links supplied as standard
n Live terminals fully shrouded
n Door interlock has integral defeat mechanism allowing door to be opened without switching OFF. eeThis feature is not operable when the handle is padlocked
n Removable gland plates with cable knockouts
n Lift off door provides greater access for installation and cabling
n Door opens within the width of the unit allowing units to be mounted adjacent
n Neutral has disconnectable link and capacity for 3 outgoing cables
n Keyhole slots in the enclosure base allow easy installation
n Earthing kit provided as standard
n Easy access to fuse links
n Steelwork finished in polyester epoxy powder
   Technical data
Rated operational voltage
Rated current at 400C, A
Rated impulse voltage
Rated short time withstand Icw, A
Rated short circuit making capacity Icm Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn Utilisation category at rated current Kilowatt rating
Cable size, maximum mm2
20A SD202SFK 32A SD322SFK 63A SD632SFK 100A SD1002SFK 125A –
160A – Busbar chambers
Step 1
BS EN 60947-3
415V 50/60Hz
    20A 32A 63A 100A
20 32 63 100
6kV 6kV 6kV 6kV
416 416 756 1300
1.35kA 1.35kA 1.35kA 3.5kA
50kA 50kA 50kA 50kA
AC-20A/ 21A/ 22A/ 23B
11kW 15kW 30kW 55kW
                10mm2 10mm2 25mm2
   Reference numbers
Rating Single pole & switched neutral AC21/22/23 Switch Switch
disconnector disconnector fuse
Three pole with neutral link Switch Switch disconnector disconnector fuse
SD202SW SD322SW SD632SW SD1002SW –
SD1003SFK –
SD1003SW SD1253SW SD1603SW
       Select Twinbreak units required. If a 125 or 160A unit is fitted the rating of the adjacent units cannot exceed 63A.
Step 2
Select appropriate busbar chamber.
Amps 4 6
160 SBC106 SBC109
SBC106 is supplied complete with 4 x TBCKIT. SBC109 is supplied complete with 6 x TBCKIT.
 Current rating
Number of units
Number of units
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