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 Exel distribution fuseboards
Part number
204XSNC 206XSNC 208XSNC 212XSNC 204XTNC 206XTNC 208XTNC 304XSNC 306XSNC 308XSNC 312XSNC 304XTNC 306XTNC 308XTNC 312XTNC 602XTNC 604XTNC 606XTNC 608XTNC 1004XTNC 1006XTNC 1008XTNC 2004XTNC
All units are supplied without fuselinks which must be ordered separately. 1)8mm diameter. 2)SB3, SB4 and SO fuselinks may be fi tted if used with adaptor – Eaton list number 100MFLK. 3)Can be adapted to allow fi tment of 2–240mm2 max. cable sockets with suitable copper spacing piece Eaton list number WA1212 (set of 4).
   Industrial miniature circuit-breakers
The comprehensive range of Xpole miniature circuit-breakers includes 10 and 15 kA switching capacity in single-pole and multi-pole versions. The range offers the following tripping characteristics:
Type B – for domestic/commercial installations without power surges e.g. filament lamps and wall sockets.
Type C – for commercial/light industrial installations with switching surges such as fluorescent lighting or small motors.
Type D – for abnormally high inrush currents e.g. motors with heavy starting duty.
Type K – to prevent nuisance tripping during starting of three phase loads e.g. motors or transformers, and provide closer protection than B, C or D types.
Type S – for the protection of control circuits with high inrush currents and transformers In addition, the range includes components for residual current protection and
modular installation devices for remote switching, timing and signalling.
Features and benefits
• Xpole range offers worldwide approvals and shipping classification
• DIN rail clip mounting, and snap-fitting accessories reduce installation
time and simplify fitting and removal of components
• Singledesignconceptimprovespanelappearance
• Busbar clamps and high-capacity box terminals provide increased connection options.
                                   Lid locking facilities
A choice of locking device is available
Part number
Barrel lock for 20A to 100A units
Padlock bracket for 20A to 100A units
   Padlock for use with above

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