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                     INTERMEDIATE METERING
 PowerLogic PM8000 series meter.
IEC 61557-12 PMD Sx K70 3000m 0.2 (performance measuring and monitoring functions).
Class 0.2S accuracy IEC 62053-22, ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 (active energy). Industry leading Class 0.5S* accuracy for reactive energy (IEC 62053-24). Cycle-by-cycle RMS measurements updated every 1⁄2 cycle.
Full ‘multi-utility’ WAGES metering support.
Net metering.
Anti-tamper protection seals.
PQ compliance reporting and basic PQ analysis.
Monitors and logs parameters in support of international PQ standards,
– IEC 61000-4-30 Class S
– IEC 62586 PQI-S
– EN 50160
Generates onboard PQ compliance reports accessible via onboard web pages:
– Basic event summary and pass/fail reports, such as EN 50160 for power frequency, supply voltage magnitude, supply voltage dips, short and long interruptions, temporary over voltages, voltage unbalance and harmonic voltage.
– ITIC (CBEMA) and SEMI curves, with alarm categorisation to support further analyses.
– NEMA Motor Derating curve.
– Basic meter provides EN 50160 but can be configured to provide
IEEE 519. Harmonic analysis:
– THD on voltage and current, per phase, min/max, custom alarming.
– Individual harmonic magnitudes and angles on voltage and current,
up to the 63rd harmonic.
High resolution waveform capture: triggered manually or by alarm, captured waveforms available directly from the meter via FTP in a COMTRADE format.
Disturbance detection and capture: sag/swell on any current and voltage channel, alarm on disturbance event, waveform capture with per-event information.
Patented disturbance direction detection: provides indication of the captured disturbance occurring upstream or downstream of the meter; timestamped results provided in the event log, with degree of certainty of disturbance direction.
Used with StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software, provides detailed PQ reporting across entire network:
EN 50160 report.
IEC 61000-4-30 report.
PQ compliance summary.
ISO 50001.
Display of waveforms and PQ data from all connected meters. Onboard data and event logging.
512MB of standard non-volatile memory. 10 MB of standard non-volatile memory dedicated to capture billing data, events, and waveforms.
Main characteristics
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Precision metering:
 PowerLogic PM8000 series meter - rear view.
 PowerLogic PM8000 DIN rail mounted meter.

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