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          Modicon M340 PAC
For small to medium process automation
The extremely powerful, rugged, and compact Modicon M340 PAC provides cutting-edge features and high-end performance in a small to mid-range applications.
• Open standards modbus, CANopen, modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP
• Wide selection of discrete, analog, serial, and communication X80 modules
• Hardened hardware ratings for shock, vibration, and temperature
• Application backup and data storage using SD card technology
Onboard and remote options; supports modbus serial, modbus TCP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, and LonWorks
Modicon M580 ePAC
For medium to large process automation
Scalable from a single rack system to a plantwide architecture, the Modicon M580 ePAC feature openness, flexibility, robustness, and sustainability.
Available in two controller formats:
• Ethernet backplane offering 10x communication speed
• Cybersecurity ready with Achilles Level 2 certification
• Advanced functions with high availability services (CCOTF, Hot standby, redundant power supplies)
• Deterministic Ethernet communication with up to 1 ms I/O time-stamping resolution
• Large memory capacity of 64 MB RAM and optional 4 GB storage SD card
Modicon X80 I/O modules
For use with Modicon M340 PAC and M580 ePAC
Serving as a common platform for the Modicon M340 PACs and the Modicon M580 ePACs, the Modicon X80 I/O modules offer a common platform, a much smaller stock of spare parts needs, and significantly reduced maintenance/ training costs.
• Configuration choices of over 80+ discrete, analog, communication, and expert I/O modules
• Expert modules provide for high speed counting, SSI encoder, and time stamping
• RTU protocols available for telemetry applications
• Hot swap modules allow for online modifications without stopping controller
• Ruggedized for use in harsh environments or extended temperatures
• Compliance with international certifications (ATEX, IEC, UL, CSA, etc.)

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