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          Modicon M171 and M172 PLCs
For HVAC and pumping applications
Maximize profitability and energy efficiency through scalable automation control using the Modicon M171/ M172 logic controllers.
Available in three controller types:
• M171 — Optimized for simple and compact machines
• M171 — Performance for complex and BMS-connectable machines
• M172 — Performance for large and connected machines
Onboard and remote options; supports modbus serial, modbus TCP, BACnetTM MS/TP, BACnet IP, and LonWorks
Modicon M221 PLC
For small to medium automated machines
Modicon M221 and M221 logic controllers are designed for simple machines.
Available in two controller formats:
• Modicon M221 controllers offer excellent connection capacity and customization options
• Modicon M221 book controllers offer very small dimensions and a wide choice of connections
All programming, visualization, and commissioning are handled in just one intuitive free tool.
Modicon M241 and M251 PLCs
For advanced machine automation
Modicon M241 is designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions; available in 24 and 40 I/O controller types.
Modicon M251 is well suited to control multiple machines leveraging dual channel communications for handling both upstream and downstream communications simultaneously; no onboard I/O and can utilize TM4 and TM3 modules for expansion.
Embedded functions minimize the machine cost:
• Ethernet with embedded web server function, CANopen®, Serial, and USB programming port
• PID control, eight high-speed counter inputs and pulse train output for motion control
• Execution speed: 22 ns/boolean instruction
– RAM: 64 MB
• Program: 128 K boolean instructions, DualCore CPU – Flash memory: 128 MB

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