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  SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of high-performance visualization applications on the machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.
Convenience without compromise:
• Brilliant, stepless dimmable widescreen displays from
4“ to 22“ with 16 million colors (configurable for
portrait format)
• Touch or key operation and viewing angles of up to
• Integrated system card for automatic backups
• Power management on the machine, even with
• Perfect interaction with the advanced controller
   SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels
Take power and safety directly in your hands. When it comes to high-end mobile applications, opt for mobile panels. These are also for fail-safe machines and widely distributed plants. The process of communication can be hardwired or connected via Wi-Fi.
Safe and secure:
• Brilliant, stepless dimmable widescreen displays with
4“, 7‘‘ or 9‘‘ and 16 million colors
• Location identification via terminal box or RFID
(with IWLAN version)
• Comprehensive, integrated solutions with
Safety Integrated
• Flexible evaluation of the safety switch elements,
for example, via fail-safe S7 controllers
• Unique illuminated emergency stop button with
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