Corporate Social Responsibility


Lockwell Electrical, as a trading division of Edmundson Electrical Limited, is a long established national Company with an unrivalled reputation in its marketplace. Its unique operating culture has at its core the empowerment of its local branch teams throughout the UK to invest and trade in their local communities and to employ and develop local people so as to provide long term careers and rewards.

The Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR)

Now that the UK has left the EU, Data Protection legislation has also changed. The Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation 2021 give individuals control over how organisations collect, use and protect information that relates to them, which is known as “Personally Identifiable Information”. For full information, it is recommended to visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website here.

Edmundson Electrical Ltd (trading as Lockwell Electrical), as a company that prides itself on ethical and responsible treatment of customers, suppliers and staff, will take all necessary measures to ensure that we only process Personally Identifiable Information where we have a legitimate purpose to do so; for example, when somebody is employed by us or engages with us in a professional or business capacity.

We strive to be totally transparent about the Personally Identifiable Information we process and provide individuals with the appropriate methods of controlling that information if they are legally allowed to do so. If we do store and process Personally Identifiable Information, we ask for consent to do this before we obtain it. In compliance with the UK GDPR, we provide explanations about how we collect, use, and protect any Personally Identifiable Information that is provided to us.

For more information about The Data Protection Act click here.

 Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information. 



Our employees are undoubtedly our greatest asset and are trained to meet our requirements of efficiency and service to customers and suppliers. Induction training sets the foundation for all employees and is followed by specific on the job training. The Company's operational best and required practices are documented in comprehensive Standard Practice Instructions and the branch systems are supported by integrated training facilities. Commercial training, e.g. sales, inventory control, is provided locally. Training courses are provided for newly appointed managers and a personal development course takes place each year for established managers.

New employees are encouraged to participate in the EDA sponsored Modern Apprenticeship program. The Company is an equal opportunities employer and follows family friendly employment practices.


Lockwell Electrical values each customer regardless of size and is committed to develop mutually beneficial relationships at a local and national level. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by providing an unrivalled service and by providing high quality and cost effective "branded" and environmentally innovative products.

The Company has, for over 40 years, sponsored The Edmundson ECA Apprentice of the Year award throughout the UK and also supports the more recently established SJIB Edmundson Apprentice of the Year award in Scotland. These schemes identify and celebrate the achievements of young and adult craft apprentices in the electrical contracting industry which represents a significant part of the Company's customer base.


Our aim is to develop long term, close working relationships with our suppliers. Our preferred supplier policy focuses mainly on market leading brands and quality products. The Company does not have "in house brands", nor does it manufacture, thereby demonstrating its total support to manufacturers' branded products. Lockwell Electrical is a financially sound Company which pays all its suppliers to agreed terms.


The Company is committed to conduct its affairs in an honest, open and fair manner and to comply with the law. All Managers are required to comply with an internal ethics policy, Standard Practice Instruction 540, which sets out the principles of how the Company conducts its business affairs.

Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy 

A copy of our modern day slavery and human trafficking policy can be found here.

Tax Strategy Statement

A copy of our Tax Strategy Statement can be found here

Health & Safety

The Company regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare measures as a mutual objective for the Company and all its employees. The Company is committed to promote a positive and informed health and safety culture and to do all that is reasonable to prevent injury and hazards to health by protecting people, including members of the public, from foreseeable hazards, insofar as they come into contact with the Company or its products. The Company's Health and Safety policy and procedures are set out in Standard Practice Instruction 816.

Sustainability & Environmental

Lockwell Electrical is fully committed to meeting its sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

A copy of our Sustainability & Environmental Policy Statement can be downloaded from here.

We are aware that our operations can have an impact on the environment. We have therefore undertaken a review of sustainability and environmental issues that affect our business and the findings of the review have been made publicly available and can be found here.


Lockwell Electrical has a simple organisational structure that facilitates good communication within the business. The Company encourages internal communication through regular management meetings and team meetings and regularly publishes internal newsletters on the subjects of Health & Safety and Systems & Procedures.


The Company contributes to the local communities in which it operates in a variety of ways:

Electrical Industries Charity

The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) - Lockwell Electrical is a major contributor to the industry's own charity, the EIC, through sponsorship and collections at Company events, e.g. Customer Golf Days. Lockwell Electrical personnel undertake various organisational roles on behalf of the EIC at Regional and local levels.

The Company sponsors the Arts in a number of ways including the Halle Orchestra and the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

Through its local outlets the Company supports many local sports and charitable causes throughout the UK.